ICAIM-2018 on “Leveraging Information Technology for Agricultural & Nutritional Development”

International Conference ICAIM - 2018

Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research (TIMSCDR) in association with Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA), Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) and Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) jointly organized International Conference on Advances in Information Technology & Management (ICAIM 2018) on theme “Leveraging Information Technology for Agricultural & Nutritional Development” from February 16-18, 2018 at Thakur Educational Campus, Kandivali - East.

ICAIM 2018 was a unique interdisciplinary International Conference with stakeholders from the fields of Agriculture (Farmers), Healthcare (Doctors – Nutritionist) and Industry (IT). The Conference provided a common platform to deliberate and come out with solutions that will help unburden the challenges faced by Farming community and rural population with the IT solutions by providing practical, economic and useful solutions using Information Technology.

The event also had stalwarts from the fields of Medicine and Nutrition who shared the latest development and challenges is the said domains and the leverage of the IT for the same. The event was witnessed by more than 300 delegates and intellectuals from the fields of Agriculture, Medicine, Nutrition and Information Technology.


The conference was inaugurated on 16th February 2018, by the Chief Guest – Mr. Santosh Mandlecha, President, MACCIA followed by the unveiling of the Conference Proceeding in the presence dignitaries :- Mr. Samir Dudhgaonkar, Vice President, MACCIA, Mr. Milind Prabhu, State Coordinator, MACCIA, Ms. Sunita Phalgune, State Coordinator, MACCIA, Dr. Dhananjay Kalbande, Chairman Ad-hoc Board of Studies (MCA), University of Mumbai, Mr. V. N. Datta, Advisor, Thakur Educational Group, and Dr. Vinita Gaikwad, Director, TIMSCDR.

The Conference Proceeding, a publication of 120 Research Papers written by Academicians and Professionals from the fields of Agriculture, Medicine and Information Technology was reviewed by experts from the field of IT, Agriculture, Medicine and Nutrition. Every Research Paper was checked for Plagiarism by using the licensed software tool - Urkund.

Dr. Vinita Gaikwad gave the welcome speech and also shared the Research findings for the Survey done as part of ICAIM 2018 on the topic “Study of Role and Awareness of Information Technology in Agriculture in State of Maharashtra”.

Workshop for Doctors

Hands-on workshop titled “Digital Presence of a Doctor” was conducted on the Sunday 18th February 2018 from 9 am till 1 pm. 40 Doctors were trained by TIMSCDR faculty during the workshop. The Doctors were taught the importance of Digital Presence in order to be connected with their Patients. Following topics were covered in the workshop:

Website - The first Digital Presence - Participating Doctors were trained for creating their own website and maintaining it effortlessly by using tools provided by GoDaddy and other Open Sources. Topics covered during the training - Relevance of Domain Name, Building Website Pages using predefined templates, SEO – What makes your Website appear in the first 10 in SEPR and Hoisting your Website.

Facebook Business Page – Doctors were made aware of the fact that 90% of the Patients are on Social Media of which Facebook plays a dominating role. Thus, the training included – Why should you have a Facebook Business Page (FBP), Technical Requirements to creating FBP, Use of FBP to market your business and engage Patients and Advertising of Facebook to enhance business.

Instagram Business Page – Though Instagram is a Social Media tool for posting Photos, it can not only be used by Doctors to enhance their business but also their skills and knowledge by sharing consented contents of cases for improving understanding and providing relevant services. Topics covered included – Relevance of Instagram, Technical Requirements, and creating Instagram Ad.

Google Analytics – GA – The final culmination of having a Digital Presence was told by training the Doctors about the use of Google Analytics. Thus, topics like SEO, Basics of GA terminologies, technical requirements to check Google Analytics, Types of Reports generated by GA, and Analyzing the reports generated by GA were covered during the Training Workshop.

Best Research Paper Award

1st Prize: “Study of Role and Awareness of Information Technology in Agriculture in the Sate of Maharashtra” authored by Director, Dr. Vinita Gaikwad, Dy. Director, Mr. Pankaj Mudholkar and State Coordinator – MACCIA and Progressive Farmer Mr. Milind Prabhu. 2nd Prize: “Awareness of Garbage Disposal “ authored by Ms. Priti Singh and Mr. Dhiraj Arvind Singh, students from second year MCA, TIMSCDR.